At the Legal PALS our team of attorneys come together to provide legal representation at an affordable price. Using technology available and pairing each clients the attorney that fits the clients needs. Legal PALS can provide the most competitive prices for all of our clients needs.

Each case is unique and each client receives our full attention to conduct a thorough investigation, and fulfill all procedural and evidentiary rights. We are aware that not every client needs a $400 per hour attorney for each situation. Thus, where a newer attorney is willing to handle a particular situation for for a more affordable price. Legal PALS wants to pass those savings on to our client.

Furthermore, Legal PALS provides membership plans that allows the firm to extend to those Members our Friends & Family Discount along with other perks.

Our Protection Plans

Personal Protection Plan

Ted Wells is known as a tenacious fighter who protects his client’s interests as though they were his own.

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Family Protection Plan

Attorney David Boies has a track record of recovery in civil matters. He is a protector of individual rights.

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Business Protection Plan

Scooter Libby is an American former lawyer, a prominent republican and former adviser to Human Rights law film.

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